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Hot-air fryer

Frying without oil

The Wartmann hot-air fryer will nicely fry your chips and potato cubes without any cooking oil – it is a great way to make a low-fat meal in a pleasant odourless way. The Wartmann hot-air fryer can also be used for frying your favourite snacks, meat and certain vegetables.

The hot-air fryer is modern technology for today’s health conscious consumer.

  • No cooking oil required
  • Digital display
  • Pre-set menu's
  • Brushed Steel Finish
  • Available in multiple colours



Pure & Fresh

Enjoy a delicious steak, fish, vegetable or potato dish. With the Wartmann® hot-air fryer you’ll cook chips from fresh potatoes, with just a few drips of vegetable oil, in no more than 20 minutes.

The Wartmann® hot air fryer is not only great for grilling a piece of meat or fish, but you can also use it to prepare your favorite snack. From now on you’ll serve the most delicious fried dishes - made without cooking oil.

Versatile & Modern

The Wartmann® hot air fryer lets you instantly select one of its seven preset menu’s. The digital touch screen allows you to operate the Wartmann® hot air fryer with the tip of your finger. Temperature and cooking time can be manually adjusted to fit your personal preferences.

The Wartmann® hot air fryer beeps you when your dish is ready and will automatically turn itself off. If you want to interrupt a cooking program, for example to check your fries, then the program automatically restarts where you left it.

Powerful & Complete

With 1400 watts and a capacity of 3.2 liters the Wartmann® hot air fryer is suitable for every cooking task. Each Wartmann® hot air fryer comes with a complementary cake tin.



The Wartmann hot-air fryer has a volume of 3.2 litres and a capacity of 1.2 kilogram.

Touch Display

The Wartmann hot-air fryer has a digital display with touch control. There are seven pre-set menu's that you can select with the touch of one finger.

Wide temperature range

Time and temperature can be manually adjusted for an optimal cooking result. The Airfryer has a temperature range from 80 to 200 degrees Celcius.

Automatic switch-off

The Wartmann hot-air fryer beeps when your dish is finished and switches itself automatically off after use.

Powerful & Complete

With 1500 watts and a capacity of 3.2 liters the Wartmann® hot air fryer is suitable for every cooking task.


The Wartmann® hot air fryer has a recommended retail price of € 149.95 including VAT. Availability may differ per country.

An optional accessory set is available for € 49.95 and includes a grill pan, a baking tin, and 6 silicon cup cakes.

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