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Cutting Boards


Acacia wooden cutting boards

The Wartmann cutting boards from Acacia wood are robust, durable and have an elegant look. The boards are made from end-grain Acacia wood placed in a checkerboard pattern so that your knife will always cut at the open end of the fiber. The result is a very decorative cutting board that is easy on your knife.

Acacia wood is a non-endangered solid wood with a beautiful orange-brown color. Acacia has a low silicate content and anti-bacterial properties which makes it perfect for making cutting boards. Its natural texture provides for a luxurious look.

The Wartmann cutting boards are available in both round and in rectangular shapes and in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.


Natural Product

Each cutting board is made from natural Acacia wood. Acacia wood is a non-endangered solid wood with a beautiful orange-brown colour.

End grain design

The cutting surface is made from end pieces of wood making a checker-board pattern. This design is more friendly for your knife blade then a edge grain design. The end grain boards are“self healing” since the fibres close back up after the knife blade strikes the board.

Low silicate content / easy on your knife

Acacia has a lower silicate content then bamboo. Silica is known to bone the blade. A lower silica content means that your knife blade will stay sharp for a longer period - it will take longer before you have to sharpen the knife blade again.

Anti-bacterial properties

Acacia has natural anti-bacterial properties which will help you to keep the cutting board hygienically clean. The board has a full flat surface so that food-rests can easily be removed.

Integrated side grips

The cutting board has milled grips on the site to make the handling of the cutting board easier.

Unique, elegant look

Acacia wood is both attractive and fragrant, making it ideal for luxury items such as these cutting boards. As with most natural products each cutting board has its own, unique, elegant look.



Reference Description Size Thickness Price
8718862250366 Cutting Board S Ø 30,5 cm 3,8 cm € 39,95
8718862250373 Cutting Board M Ø 35,6 cm 3,8 cm € 49,95
8718862250380 Cutting Board L Ø 40,6 cm 3,8 cm € 59,95
8718862250410 Cutting Board S 30,5 cm x 20,3 cm 3,8 cm € 29,95
8718862250427 Cutting Board M 35,6 cm x 27,9 cm 3,8 cm € 39,95
8718862250434 Cutting Board L 40,6 cm x 30,5 cm 3,8 cm € 49,95
8718862250441 Cutting Board XL 50,8 cm x 35,6 cm 3,8 cm € 59,95

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