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Acacia wooden accessories

The Wartmann acacia accessories are robust, durable and have an elegant look. The accessories are made from natural Acacia wood which is treated to give it a beautiful aesthetic finish.  The result is a very decorative line of accessories for your dining room and kitchen.

Acacia wood is a non-endangered solid wood with a beautiful orange-brown colour. Its natural texture provides for a luxurious look and feel.

The accessories combine very well with the Wartmann acacia wooden cutting boards.


Natural Product

Each cutting board is made from natural Acacia wood. Acacia wood is a non-endangered solid wood with a beautiful orange-brown colour.

Easy to clean

Acacia has natural anti-bacterial properties which will help you to keep the accessories hygienically clean.

Unique, elegant look

Acacia wood is both attractive and fragrant, making it ideal for luxury items such as these accessories. As with most natural products each accessory has its own, unique, elegant look.



Reference Description Size Price
8718862250274 Serving Board S 50,8 cm x 15,3 cm € 19,95
8718862250281 Serving Board M 53,3 cm x 17,6 cm € 22,95
8718862250298 Serving Board L 55,9 cm x 20,3 cm € 24,95
8718862250304 Rustic Cutting Board 35,0 cm x 23,3 cm € 19,95
8718862250472 Cheese Slicer 25,0 cm x 17,5 cm € 29,95
8718862250458 French Bread Board 44,5 cm x 10,2 cm € 24,95

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