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Slow Juicer

Pure and Fresh

Extract all essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables and create a delicious juice. The Wartmann© Slow juicer is suitable for soft and hard fruit, vegetables such as carrots, peppers, celery, radishes, cabbage and wheatgrass. Included is a fruit ice maker to make your own fruit ice, smoothies, pesto and pasta sauces.

With its compact, integrated design the Wartmann© Slow juicer presses up to 30% more juice than a traditional juice press.

  • Fruit Juice: Nearly all fruit, from soft berries to hard apples
  • Vegetables: All vegetables that are cut into small pieces
  • Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass, aloe leaves, medicinal herbs
  • Nuts Milk: Nuts that have been soaked in water for 24 hours
  • Fruit ice: Made from frozen soft fruit
  • Sauces: Pesto and pasta sauces




De Wartmann© Slow Juicer has a powerful, maintenance-free, planetary geared AC motor. The result is a compact Slow Juicer that is almost silent in use with strong squeezing pressure and a long lifespan. The loudest sound that you will here are the vegetables being squeezed.

The Wartmann© Slow Juicer squeezes at a very low speed of only 35 rpm to optimally retain the vitamins. Hard vegetables are easily processed by the Wartmann© Slow Juicer.


It only takes a few seconds to clean the Wartmann© Slow Juicer. Just take off the cover and pull out and rinse the juice press and juice container under the tap. Reassembling the Slow Juicer is even easier. And thanks to its one-button operation, with a handy "reverse" mode, you do not have to open the Slow Juicer in the rare event that a piece of vegetable is blocking the input. A few seconds in reverse and your Slow Juicer is ready to continue.




The Wartmann© Slow Juicer is 17 inch high and available in different colours. Without the containers its circumference is only 5½ x 6½ inch. The elegantly designed Wartmann© Slow Juicer therefore fits well in every kitchen.


Motor type: AC motor
Power: 150 Watts
Transmission: Planetary gearbox
Speed: 35 rpm
Mass: 4.9 kg
Noise level: 40 dB


The Wartmann Slow Juicer is available at shops for €279,95. A € 39,95 fruit-ice maker is included in the retail price. Colour and availability may differ per country.

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